Why ShibaPizza?

We know what we do. Community driven, utility and charity token at once. Experienced developers and marketing experts. Influencer and big investors are joining!

1.000.000 Token pure Gold!

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Why Shiba and Pizza?

Due to covid lockdowns the market for cryptos and takeaways exploded. Pizza is still the most favorit fast food in most parts of the world. The combination between shiba and pizza is explosive.

There will be free Pizza and Shibas!

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Marketing will be launched right before pancakeswap. Based on Reddit, Youtube, TikTok & other social media platforms. 20.000 USD Marketing will be spent within the first month. Increasing from there.
Next Month there should be a marketing pool of 50.000 USD.

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All you need:

We launched fair.

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We launched fair and stealthy. LP is locked for 1 year and we are still early!

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